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Françoise Elizée

Françoise Elizée was born in Haiti to Haitian parents. At the age of 13, her family relocated to Miami. Her parents maintained Haitian traditions at home. Françoise earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, and went on to acquire a Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Miami.

When she completed her education, Françoise went to work for her family’s business, “RIKA,” a food products company. Working in the business for many years taught Françoise the skill of entrepreneurship. In addition to her duties for the family business, Françoise enjoys exercising her creativity in artistic ventures.

She founded a fashion label, Françoise Elizée Collections, in 2009. Her collection, which has been featured in magazines such as In Style, Elle and Glamour, includes handbags and accessories made from exotic materials that have been sold around the world. 

Pipe Yanguas

Pipe was born in Cali, Colombia, and has spent years in Europe, including Germany and Italy. He also frequents the Middle East. Pipe’s attraction to beautiful images and learning about different people drew him to study and pursue photography professionally.

Though Pipe lives in Miami, he travels the world to capture moments in which his subjects are engaging in their most beloved activities. He curates the images for publication in a “PHOTO Biography” that grows over time displaying a subject’s essence and individuality. Pipe’s pictures radiate positivity and tell stories that are a true re ection of the subject’s spirit.

Through his friendship with Françoise Elizée, Pipe developed a love of Haitian food, culture, customs and especially the people. His style of photography elicits the passion that the women featured in Haiti Rediscovered feel for their work. He appreciated their dedication, energy and the relationships that they had with their artisans. Their determination to succeed was inspiring. Pipe hopes that this collab- oration will reveal one of many beautiful features of Haiti, which he has discovered. 



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